Revisiting Manila Cathedral and Sofitel for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

It’s always better late than never, as they say, and I simply can’t let our 10th Wedding Anniversary pass without adding a short blog entry of our anniversary celebration with the kids.

My wife and I hold the Manila Cathedral close to our hearts since it was where we promised to love one another throughout our lifetime. We decided to bring the kids with us to the Cathedral so we can all hear mass together and thank God for blessing our marriage and our family. Later on after the mass, we sought the help of our eldest daughter to take a photo of us and recreate one of our favourite wedding photos – the newlywed kiss just outside the Cathedral. (see photo below)

We then took the kids to a simple lunch at a nearby restaurant and then continued with our celebration at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila where we were also checked-in exactly ten years ago for our wedding preparations. It felt really good to come back to a place that saw us start as a couple and now, a family of four.

The whole day with Hun, Amarie and Sav felt like we were all going down the memory lane and at the same time creating new memories for us to remember for the years to come. What made our celebration more special were the efforts exerted by the staff of Sofitel to make sure our stay was memorable, from the flowers to the tokens for the kids to the exceptional treatment. And the best part? We were given the same room where we stayed in ten years ago. Now that’s one unbeatable customer service experience!

Karuizawa Resort Town in Nagano: A Relaxing Haven for Japan Tourists

Tourists in Japan who wish to take a break from busy Tokyo may consider heading towards the resort town of Karuizawa located in Nagano, just a little over one hour away by train from the nation’s capital.

This town is quite popular among locals and tourists alike, especially during summer, and is well-known for its cool air, calm surroundings, and relaxing scenery. It’s like Baguio City – the Philippines’ summer capital, sans the traffic congestion and the long travel by land.

In general, Karuizawa boasts of an ancient look and feel that appeals to tourists inclined with nature, culture, and the arts. It has contemporary restaurants and shops amid antique stores and heritage sites. The town is uniquely traditional but modern – making it a must-see attraction that merits inclusion in every tourist’s Japan itinerary.