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The essence of Digital Marketing or any type of Marketing for that matter is primarily to turn an audience into potential clients with whom lasting business relationships are to be built.


Digital Marketing brings about sales and generates revenue by effectively converting online leads into clients. Here’s a simple illustration of the Sales – Digital Marketing Funnel by Online DAD Philippines:

Digital Marketing Funnel by Online DAD

The funnel basically shows the different stages of brand and audience activities that comprise the Five Levels of the Digital Marketing Sales Funnel, namely, Awareness, Discovery, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention.

Any Digital Marketing activity should aim to engage an audience and elicit a favorable response following the presentation of a brand feature or campaign through online content posted on a website or social media platform, or sent via e-mail – in the form of text, images, and/or videos.

In order to gain the interest of an online audience, bear in mind two things: 1.) Target the right market, and 2.) Present timely, relevant, and accurate information.

As soon as a segment of the target market sees value in your brand in terms of providing solutions to their needs, they will surely get in touch. And it’s just a matter of time before they become your customers by way of efficient interaction and communication.

Whether or not they become loyal patrons depends on how consistent your marketing is with the product or service delivered. Post-sales customer experience is also a key to ensuring repeat business.