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E-mail / SMS Marketing by Online DAD

E-MAIL MARKETING pertains to the sending of timely and relevant e-mail messages to target accounts, either in the form of pure text or graphics, or a combination of both. However, caution should be practiced when sending images or large files as these are often directed to the spam or junk folders which may lead to the message being completely ignored by a prospective client.

SMS MARKETING is very similar to E-mail Marketing and only differs in that its content is limited, both text and image-wise.

In consideration of the limitation in content, one very important aspect is coming up with clear and concise messages that deliver timely and relevant information. The tone should likewise be adjusted based on the target recipient, or risk being blocked for spam.

With millions of smartphone users around the world, it is no surprise companies put efforts into these types of marketing as these are believed to be effective in achieving set goals.

As a rule of thumb, E-mail and SMS etiquette should be applied – at all times.