NAN H.W. for Baby with Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA)

Some parents complain of noticing rashes on their babies’ skin soon after feeding them with regular cow’s milk infant formula.

We noted this ourselves with our own child which prompted us to consult with her Pediatrician who informed us that she has developed allergies to regular cow’s milk proteins. It would be very uncomfortable on her part to continue feeding her with the same formula especially with the extreme humidity in our area which tends to aggravate the itchy rashes on her skin.

As per her doctor’s advice, we decided to shift her to an infant formula of hydrolyzed whey protein, specifically NAN H.W. One, which has been clinically studied to be well tolerated by infants with Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA). And the day after we started her on NAN, all her rashes cleared up! The positive effects of NAN definitely erased all our worries and assured us of our baby’s well-being.

*Please note that it is important to always seek your Pediatrician’s advice prior to shifting to another milk formula, regardless of his or her perceived tolerance to changes in feeding.

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