Similac Gain for Low Birth Weight Babies

Our youngest daughter, although not premature, was classified as a low birth weight baby and consistently gained only one hundred (100) grams per week during her first six months of life. Her weight was barely within the recommended range so we had to regularly supplement her milk formula intake with Heraclene (Dibencozide) to ensure continuous weight gain.

During that time, she was on various milk formulae, namely, NAN (first three weeks), S26 (first to fifth months), and Enfamil (just before her sixth month).  It was then that her Pediatric Endocrinologist recommended that we mix feed her with Similac Gain for the purpose of accelerating her weight gain.

We tried a small can first which she fully consumed in just five days. And when she was weighed at the clinic during her monthly check-up, she has gained a total of three hundred (300) grams in just one week! That’s 200 grams more than her weekly average. 

She has been on Similac Gain since then and needless to say, we’re very happy as she continues to pack on the weight. 

*Please note that it is important to always seek your Pediatrician’s advice prior to mix feeding, regardless of his or her perceived tolerance to changes in feeding.

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