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Search Engine Marketing by Online DAD

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or SEO is the most widely-used type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This strategy ensures that a specific website is highly visible in search results of appropriate and related keywords. Careful and well thought through creation of keyword-optimized content and link-building are very crucial aspects. It is also advised to do periodic analysis of website visitors to determine which keywords actually lead them to the site or which specific article drives traffic, and then bank on these information to improve site rankings.

Just keep in mind that there is a thin line between optimizing the use of keywords and flooding in content. One must be careful not to cross that line. Quality and consistent content is still warranted.

PAY PER CLICK or PPC – PAID SEARCH is another type of SEM. Companies who invest in these ads get the benefit of having their advertisements appear above the “organic” search engine results by specifying the keywords of their choice. These advertisements will then lead potential clients to their websites or online platforms, thus giving them an edge over competition.

Generally, Paid Search for a high-profile keyword is more expensive. However, it is no use spending on ads sans valuable content since that’s what drives the target to click on an advertisement. It’s still quality content that matters in the end.

Presently, the most popular Paid Search platform is Google AdWords. Its vast network alone guarantees a high click-through rate for advertisers.

Paid Search or SEO?

While PPC – Paid Search greatly increases the possibility of more traffic to a site, it is, unfortunately, short-term in nature and would prove to be costly when purchased keywords aren’t the least bit relevant to the product or brand.

It is impossible to expect cost-efficient results without determining the right keywords for the site. Also, the absence of engaging content will likely contribute to unsatisfactory results.

With the use of engaging, relevant, and keyword-optimized content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still ranks as the first choice of experienced digital marketing professionals when it comes to Search Engine Marketing. Landing alongside the top “organic” search engine results will always be better than paying to be on top, especially when long-term goals are taken into account.